The Mr. DeVille's, of the drawings above.
By using pencil and pen, I can create a fun look with some personality.
I Also like drawing to illustrate a story. But an artist needs an assignment, to develop that idea.
An assignment to create. An idea of
the character?
An idea of a group to tell a story.
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"Knuckle Heads"
"Girls Club"
"Family Vacation"
"Go Home" 300 dpi PSD Artist Greg Fleming.
"Go for It"
Artist agent,
limited Representation.
"Tic Tac"
illustrator text
text, hand drawn finished in illustrator
My name is Greg Fleming

Sign Painter by trade with 25 year's experience
Also since 1994 and 2000 I've worked in traditional animation.
Local 839 as an inbetweener, and assistant animatlor.
Companies such as Disney & Warner Bros.,
production artist on imdb feature projects.
Has been a great experience and honor.

Currently doing cartoon illustration's of people animals and props.

Signed with an illustration agency, summer of 2008.
Artist agent limited representation.
Specializing in artwork of childrens's books.

I like to use a rough style of drawing, using pen and pencil.
And finishing with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
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